Bakwena are a Batswana tribe spread across the North West, Gauteng and Free State Provinces, their origins stem from Botswana. Kwena is a Setswana name for crocodile; KWENATI is a company that has set its foot hold in the built Enviromement sector, in the areas of Construction, Construction Procurement and Electrical services.

With the South African Government's National Development Plan (NDP) in place KWENATI with its skilled staff establishment aims to fill the gap in the sector of emerging contractors, costing, procurement and management.

Whilst in the Electrical sector we aim to be in the forefront of the green building, energy saving solutions and focuses in the rural developments through reticulation projects, educating electrical users and developing the youth of the communities we serve. KWENATI has positioned itself to heed the call of the Kyoto Protocol and the government’s IRP 2030 strategy of moving from fossil fuels and into renewable energy solutions that will ensure sustainable and reliable power supply.

Our roots as KWENATI are based in the community whilst also exposed to corporate and consulting environment. Thus we understand the dynamics, needs and expectation of the sectors we serve as we plan to engage all stakeholders in ensuring that we deliver a product/service which will meet or exceed their needs.

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